All children deserve A GREAT SCHOOL close to where they live.

Despite investments in all schools, some schools are not meeting students’ needs and parents’ expectations. These are schools that require additional support right now so that children can have the learning opportunities they deserve. To achieve the goal of a great school close to where all children live, the School District is prioritizing schools to receive focused intervention as we work to ensure better academic outcomes for students.

The District is seeking the active engagement and participation of families, teachers, principals, and community members about how best to improve the academic performance of their school through school community meetings, focus groups, neighborhood canvassing, and surveys. Conversations will focus on identifying school strengths to build upon and developing input on how to rapidly improve learning opportunities for children attending the school. We will look at the facts, consider school community input, and then make decisions on the best way to intervene to improve academic outcomes for children at each school.

Each school has unique strengths and challenges, and each school community is special. The goal for all children and all schools is the same: to ensure children are able to learn and to succeed. We are excited to work with schools and parents across the city to make this goal a reality.

Options for focus schools include:

Entering the school into the District’s Turnaround Network

The Turnaround Network uses a highly structured approach to quickly improve schools and focuses on identifying great school leaders. All schools in the Turnaround Network follow a rigorous improvement plan and receive the same additional resources.

Merging the school with an existing high-quality program

Merging a school involves combining two schools under one high-quality academic program.

Engaging a contract partner

Contract partners can provide a range of services that are identified as needs at a school. Contracts could range from smaller partnerships that focus on one or two services up to extensive partnerships where the contract partner fully runs the entire school and manages the employees.

Initiating an evidence-based plan for academic improvement

A school academic improvement plan allows families, teachers, principals, and community members to come together to create a cooperative plan to improve their school.

Restarting the school

Restarting a school involves phasing in a new academic program and phasing out the existing one.